Show Your True ColoursE-Concepts has expanded to include a broader scope of vision for its clients. Along with offering professional website solutions, WordPress platform, SEO and Statistics packages, the company now offers “indie authors” (independent authors) an opportunity to self publish in a way that is convenient and affordable.

Now there is no need to let go of the dream to have your book published just because large publishing houses have rejected your manuscript. With editing, publishing and design services available, there is no reason why your dream book cannot be published in a quick, professional and cost effective manner!

Empowering ourselves, means empowering you. We pride ourselves on giving you the best personalised service with free initial consultations, in-office training, and free on-going telephone support.

Esmeralda Carvalho

Website Development & Support

In today’s business world, if you don’t have a website, you stand to lose clients and business to your competitors. Not having an online presence makes a business seem small and not as established. With a website, you will be able to attract more people to your products and services, and give your current clients more information and updates on the issues that matter to them.

The first step to getting your business online is to request a free consultation service in which we will assess your business needs and client profile. We will then present you with an online demo of what your site could look like.  If you don’t have time to write your own company profile, we will write content for you, based on personal interviews to ensure that your site will be rich with content, including a detailed “About Us” page. We will take photos of your products, office and staff and provide a Homepage Animated Slider and a Virtual Tour Gallery. We can provide industry related articles, and edit any articles or information you may already have prepared.

On-going free phone support and in-office training on how to use the back office of your site (also referred to as the CMS – Content Management System) is a staple feature of our services. This training is meant to empower you, giving you the control over your site content, allowing you to update your site by adding or editing new content, creating new articles, adding new pictures and managing your comments and calendar.  We also guarantee that your site is built within the time specified at our meeting, which is usually within one month (unless otherwise discussed).

Affordable set up packages, with no reoccurring fees. You will own your domain and your hosting package.

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Indie Book Publishing

We take extra care in ensuring that you as an author get your first book published, in a professional and timely manner. We’ll make sure your manuscript is edited by at least 3 independent professional writers/authors.

EConcepts will ensure that you get a professionally designed front and back cover. In book publishing, you can “judge a book by its cover”. Research has shown that good covers sell books, bad covers lead to their demise.

Furthermore, we’ll get your book published through Amazon’s print on demand services, in which your book will be available for purchase through Amazon worldwide, in paperback and in ebook (KDP) formats.

Getting your book edited, print-ready and published is only phase I, we’ll take you to phase II, which involves promoting yourself and your new book. We provide a startup marketing package that will get you and your book noticed.

Your dream can come true, you can become the author you’ve always dreamt of becoming!

Please read more here on getting your book published.

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