content_2Are you an author? Illustrator?

Have you been working on a book for months, if not years?

Do you have your first draft done?

Do you feel like it is a dream never to be realized, after all, there are so many publishing houses out there, but will they ever select your book.

It is true the publishing houses reject more then they accept. In fact, most don’t even respond to new authors who send in their manuscripts without solicitation. Others won’t even look at books not submitted by qualified agents. Getting an agent is also no small task, as most are extremely selective as far as which new clients they take on; their commissions can sometimes be exorbitant.

Well your opportunity has arrived. EConcepts caters to assisting new Indie authors get their books published and sold.

Although we do not accept every manuscript, we are more flexible then publishing houses, and as long as your manuscript is properly written and edited, we will endeavour to get it published, at a low and reasonable cost to you. In fact, because we use print on demand services, you are not required to buy large amounts of your book and then stock pile them and hope to get them sold one day. Print on demand means your book is only printed when someone orders it. You make direct commissions on the sale, without any cost to you.

Your book once published will be available in all Amazon stores and through KDP (ebook format).

EConcepts will get you published by providing some (or all of the following services)

  • Editorial services (all books will be edited by 3 independent highly qualified writers)
  • Book layout and ready for publishing
  • Book Cover design – front and back
  • ISBN
  • Marketing of your book – which will include a full website, personalized domain name and emails, and an online blog tour
  • Book signings and more

We can make your dreams come true and help you become the published author you always dreamed of being.

Call us today, and we can sit over coffee and discuss your future publishing plans.

Free Book Review  !

As a promotional offer we are offering a free review of your manuscript. We will endeavour to read it and give you honest feedback on the viability of getting it published.

Please contact us today, specifically ask for Esmeralda to make arrangements.

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